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HC-121 VIP Checker

HC-121 is used to check the performance (Good / non good) of vacuum insulator panels (VIP) by measuring the thermal conductivity by means of heat loss. This measurement methods takes a very short time compared to traditional methods and has a big advantage since the materials can be evaluated only form the top side. The HC 121 has a combined heat source and detector called sensing head which proportionally measures the heat loss through the detector and insulating material. In most common solutions a test sequence that takes more than 1 hour to measure the thermal conductivity of 1 sample, the HC-121 need only 1 minute which will shorten the production time of VIP drastically.

Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) Checker HC-121 is developed to check the quality, estimated thermal conductivity, of VIPs at final production stage. When VIPs have insufficient sealing of laminated film or changing of material characteristics inside, thermal conductivity of VIPs will increase. HC-121 can check the condition of increasing thermal conductivity as OK or NG index. A maximum of 5 sensor heads can be connected to the main unit and can be handled independently.

As the HC-121 can only perform a relative measurement the measurement heads need to be individually calibrated at the customer side using characterized material samples which are equivalent to the VIP material tested for production purposes. The EKO calibration software is used to find the calibration regression function defined by the coefficient a,b and c.

The control software is used to control the thermal conductivity tester and manage the measurement data. It can be connected to a bar code reader in order to identify and register all VIP samples.

HC-121 VIP Checker


HC-121 Contoller

Sensor input Differential Thermocouple voltage
Input range 10 mV
Measurement accuracy ± 0.025 mV
Heater curent 120 mA per channel
Number of input channels 5
Communication interface RS-232 (PC and optional bar code reader)
Dimensions 320 x 120 x 220
Weight 3 kg
Power AC100 - 240 V, 5-/60 Hz, 3A
BAR code reader Optional
*VIP Sample size 150 ~ 760 mm
(difference with reference sample ±50mm)
*VIP Sample thickness 5 ~ 50 mm
Measurement range 1 - 9 mW/mK

Sensor Unit

Thermal conductivity 43.8 mW/mK (dry condition)
Thermal resistance 1.148 m2.K/W
Dimensions ø 52 mm, H117 mm
Weight 1 kg
Heater 10W, 85Ω


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