Our industry section opens the door to the world of test chambers and instrumentation.

Simultech have been chosen to represent these leading manufactures in each field.


Weiss Umwelttecknik is at the forefront of evironmental test chambers manufacturing

temperature only and temperature humidity chambers, in various sizes, small 34Lt on

the bench style to 1500Lt floor standing to even drive in truch chambers. Custom built

design to meet the most stringent and complex applications are within  our capabilities.


EKO instruments manufactured in Japan, has a reputation of suppling first class quality

sensors for the Photovoltaic evaluation, Solar radiation and Photonic fields, these instuments

include, Pyranometer, Pygeometers, Spectroradiometers, UV radiometers,  Sun Trackers and

Pyrheliomerer. All instraments are available with NIST certificates.


Simultech, through our partners have the capability to design and construct Controlled

Stability Rooms from 2m2 to 100m2. Temperature only or Temperature and Humidity

CER's suitable for the storage of pharmaceutical products, Soak testing components or

rapid rates of change to meet military specification. Discuss your specific needs with our

sales engineers today.