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MF-11 Net Pyradiometer

EKO's Net Pyradiometer MF-11 measures the combination of the short and long wave radiation components.

MF-11 is a unique sensor. It has the advantages of both wind-through types and wind-protection types, which have been up to now widely used in this field.

The fan is an important part of this instrument. It has three functions:

  1. to send a constant air flow over the dome outside surface,
  2. to supply dry air inside the dome (which pressurizes it and compensates its fragility)
  3. to prevent the dome from freezing.

By covering the lower or the upper side of the sensor with an adaptor, the MF-11 can also be used as a pyrradiometer, which measures upward or downward radiation flux. Long wave radiation during the night has a close relation with freezing, mist, frost, minimum temperature, etc.

The sensing part of the MF-11A is the same as the one used on MF-11. However an adaptor covers the lower or upper side sensors. The MF-11A measures the upward or downward radiation flux depending on the position of the adapter.


  • Broadband single sensor Net Radiometer
  • Pressurized Polyethylene optics
  • Dry air conditioned dome / detector
  • Active blower
MF-11 Net Pyradiometer


Specifications (typical) MF-11 / MF-11A
Response Time 95% (sec) Approx. 20 sec.
Sensitivity (mV/kW/m2) Approx. 35 mV/kW.m-2
Impedance (Ω) Approx. 90
Operating Temperature, °C - 15 to +40
Cable Length 10m
Wavelength Range 0.3 to >30 µm
Accuracy ± 5%
Blower Fan VAC100
Weight Approx. 7.6kg
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