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MS-602 Pyranometer

Within the MS-series the MS-602 pyranometer is the smallest true thermopile pyranometer. It is the most economic measurement solution for global solar radiation measurements capturing the full solar spectrum. MS-602 meets the ISO Second Class performance criteria. However, its outstanding temperature dependency characteristics can only be found on higher class pyranometers. This sensor can be found in many meteorological networks and professional small scale PV sites where solar radiation is taken seriously.


  • Second Class Pyranometer
  • Most economic thermopile sensor
  • Low temperature dependency unique in its class
  • Compact all weather sensor
MS-602 Pyranometer


Specifications (Typical) MS-602
ISO 9060 classification Second Class
Response time 95% (sec) 17
Zero offset - Thermal radiation (200W/m²) < 10 W/m²
Zero offset - Temperature change (5K/hr) < 6 W/m²
Non-stability (change/year) < 1.7 %
Non-linearity (at 1000W/m²) < 1.5 %
Directional response (at 1000W/m²) < 25 W/m²
Spectral selectivity (0.35-1.5µm) < 1 %
Temp. response (for 50°C band) < 2 %
Tilt response (at 1000W/m²) < 2 %
Sensitivity (µV/W/m-2) Approx. 7
Impedance (Ω) 20 ~ 140
Operating temperature range (°C) - 40 to +80
Irradiance range (W/m2) 0 - 2000 W/m2
Cable length 10m
Wavelength range 285 to 3000 nm


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