Throughout Simultech's plant and food business group you will find all those essential instruments

and gadgets you have been looking for.


Spectrum products are affordable instumentation if you're a Plant scientist, researcher or farmer.

You can now have the correct technology to data log and monitor the things that are important to

you and your needs for example, Weather Monitoring, Plant and Crop health, Nutrient management,

soil and water. Our experienced sales team can demonstrate you talk with you to establish what works

best for your applications. Remember "To measure is to know"


Fitotron, Plant growth cabinets and Plant growth rooms are designed to offer the best possible

growing conditons for research. Our small 1200lt cabinet offers unique dimmable light tray design

with temperature control and optional humidity and CO2 control, even LED lamps are offered. The

next step would be to walk directly into our growth rooms purposely built to meet the demands of

research with state of logging and motorised specimen trays.