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Solar Simulator LP Series

EKO advanced AAA solar simulators are based on a high power xenon lamp combined with precision optics and optical filters to match the AM1.5 Solar Spectrum. The Irradiance output can be control through an integrated control unit and measurement processing unit. Light intensity can be maintained very stable using closed loop intensity control which continuously monitors the light variance of lamp. This solar simulator is typically used for reserach & development applications to characterize and optimize solar cells.

The performance characteristics of solar simulator for solar cell evaluation is defined within JIS C8912 (crystalline)* and JIS C8933 (amorphous)*, describing the classifications (A~C Class) and measurement methods for spectral irradiance, irradiance non-uniformity, and temporal instability of irradiance.

EKO Solar Simulator series comply with the highest JIS standards and are available with different beam dimensions respectively 50 x 50 mm and 156 x 156 mm. Besides the stand alone sun simulators EKO provides indoor turn key systems for cell performance testing.

*JIS C8912 & JIS C8933 are equivalent to IEC-60904-9


  • Highest standard classification AAA
  • Ultar stable irradiance stability by newly designed light intensity feedback system
  • Matches AM1.5 Spectral irradiance specification according to JIS8912 (crystalline Si series)* and JIS8933 (amorphous Si series)*
  • Can be easily systemized with EKO instruments, such as I-V curve tracer and spectroradiometers
Solar Simulator LP Series


Characteristics LP-156A LP-156B LP-50A
Irradiation Form   Downward Table-Top Type  
Input Power Supply 1ΦAC200V 50/60Hz 1ΦAC240V 50/60Hz 1ΦAC100V 50/60Hz
Input Power 2KVA 2KVA 370VA
Rated Input Current 10A 8.5A 3.7A
Lamp 1000W Xenon Lamp   150W Xenon Lamp
Lamp Lifetime   Approximately 1000 Hours (*1)  
Effective Irradiated Surface Area More than 156mm x 156mm   More than 50mm x 50mm
Irradiance   1000W/m2  
Irradiance Adjustment Range   700W/m2 to 1200W/m2 (*2)  
Irradiance Non-Uniformity   Within +/-2% (IEC60904-9 A-Grade)  
Spectral Coincidence   IEC60904-9 A-Grade (Between 400 to 1100nm) within +/-25%  
Light Parallelism   Within +/-3°  
Temporal Instability   STI: Within +/-0.5%
LTI: Within +/-2.0%
(IEC60904-9 A-Grade)
Cooling Method   Forced air  
Operating Temperature   10 to 35°C  
Operating Humidity   30 to 70% (no condensation)  
Color Munsell N1   (30% glossy)  
Weight (Approximate Weight) 120kg
(Lamp house: 90kg, Base: 30kg)
(Lamp house: 35kg Base: 15kg)

*1 Depending on how the solar simulator is used, the lamp lifetime will vary. (Example: if the lamp is turned ON and OFF frequently, the lamp lifetime becomes shorter)

*2 Indicates the irradiance adjustment range at the time of shipping inspection. Depending on the used time, the irradiance adjustment range may not be satisfied.


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