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Air pollutant test chamber, Type AirEvent

With the Air Pollutant Test Chamber, you can test your products and materials against the exposure to harmful gases and determine the service life of these items following exposure. Exposure to air pollutants can include sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine and nitrogen oxide, and can be emitted by power stations, traffic, agriculture and stationary combustion by industries. Natural events such as volcanic eruptions can also result in your products being potentially exposed to harmful gases, all of which can affect the lifespan and function of said item.

Advantages of the Air Pollutant Test Chamber

  • Ideal results thanks to exact dosage of harmful gases
  • Test specimen observable thanks to acrylic window (PMMA)
  • Reliable results thanks to compliance with test standards such as IEC 60068-2-60 and 60068-2-42/43, as well as ISO 21207 and others
  • Features
  • Possible test gases are H2S, SO2, Cl2 with carrier gas N2, NO2 with synthetic air as a carrier gas, and many others
  • Up to four gases can be dosed simultaneously
  • Pressure monitoring as a safety device
  • Connection for gas sampling
  • Air exchange device
corrosion test chamber

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