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Battery Testing

Sophisticated test chambers are required to test the safety, reliability and performance of batteries used in vehicles and a wide variety of other devices. Testing for batteries should test all thermal, climatic and mechanical stresses that batteries could be exposed to during their life.

Simultech distributed the Weisstechnik battery test chambers that offer manufacturers a large selection of tried and tested battery test chambers. Chambers range from small test chambers, walk-in test chambers and complex test systems and can be used for performing the following tests:

Performance and ageing tests

Climate tests

Environmental simulation tests

Vibration tests

LV-124 tests

Lithium batteries have become a popular source of energy storage and are widely used in small electronics all the way up to larger applications such as electric vehicles. To test their reliability, lithium batteries are subjected to various tests in the field of environmental simulation. These tests are carried out in temperature change test cabinets or climatic test chambers.

During the temperature tests, overchargings or malfunctions of the batteries may occur. This can lead to the destruction of the batteries. Increasing storage sizes cause increasing impacts of possible failures and potential risks during tests with lithium batteries. For this reason, safety in the laboratory, in particular the protection of the staff, during such tests should be seen as a high priority. To assure this safety in your laboratory during tests with lithium batteries in a temperature- or climatic test chamber, Weisstechnik can offer safety devices, which are adjusted to the EUCAR Hazard Level. 


The weisstechnik module kit for hazard levels

To better assess the hazard potential of tests, EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D), a consortium of European car manufacturers, has investigated hazardous situations and divided them into eight risk classes. The development of the safety equipment of our battery test systems is also based on this classification.

Weisstechnik have developed a special hazard level module kit for our lithium-ion test systems. For each hazard level, we recommend specific safety devices that can be fitted to our test systems according to customer specifications. This means that tests can be carried out safely in the intended hazard levels. Together with our customers, we assess which safety devices are necessary for the respective test systems


The following options can be fitted to our test chambers depending on the hazard level imposed by the battery and testing program.


The following test chambers can be modified with the above options for battery testing.