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BDK®SB II Microbiology Safety Workbench

The BDK® SB II and BDK®SBV II safety workbenches protect the health of employees when doing microbiological and genetic-based work. The new class II BDK® Safety Workbench, are built with design, functionality, ergonomics and economics in mind, it features components such as high-quality EC ventilators, touch display for ease of use, LED lighting, excellent energy efficiency and low operating costs.

The BDK®SBV II cycostatic workbench in accordance with DIN 12980 has an additional HEPA pre-filter unit integrated in the foot well of the work area that makes it possible to work with highly active substances and microbiological substances in class S3 and class S4.

The innovative design ensures high protection functions, as well as flexibility within the operating conditions – the laminar air flow from 0.45 m/s according to the GMP can be reduced easily for applications with a low flow requirement, whilst operations in eco mode allows for energy consumption at the workbench to reduce to a minimum.

Bright, glare-free lighting, quiet operations, an inclined front pane and an ideal work surface high for a range of sitting positions combine to offer perfect ergonomics.

A clear, self-explanatory menu and TFT touch display ensure easy operation for your employees, with temperature, humidity and the implementation of particle monitoring all available on the display – alongside clearly marked error messages, and proposed solutions for remedying any issues that may arise. PIN-protection of user profiles and individual functions can all be created with ease.

In short, the BDK® SB II Safety Workbench guarantees the protection of people and products whilst protecting against cross-contamination in accordance with the microbiological test method, EN 12469.

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