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Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers, LabEvent

Due to changes between climatic zones, seasonal differences, and even changing temperatures throughout the day, your products need to be able to withstand a variety of different conditions during their manufacturing, transportation, shelf life, and operation. With a Benchtop Temperature Test Cabinet, you can take advantage of accelerated conditions to test and measure the effects of a variety of changing temperatures and humidity levels on the properties, operation and lifespan of your products.

Features of Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers:

  • New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A, GWP 1,397
  • Test chamber made of highly-alloyed, extra corrosion-resistant stainless steel V4A (1.4404)
  • Highly efficient operation thanks to the state-of-the-art refrigeration technology and electronic cooling water regulators
  • Highest level of control accuracy thanks to the perfect coordination of air conditioning, cooling technology and control units
  • WEBSeason® web-based user interface
Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers, LabEvent

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