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Climate Test Chamber - Global Simulator

Due to the different seasons and climatic zones that your products will be exposed to, they must be able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidities from the manufacturing process through to use. The Weisstechnik® PRO Series Climate Test Chambers will allow you to test the response of your product to a wide range of conditions; offering invaluable insight into the effects on the properties, functions and lifespan of your item.

This PRO series chamber offers similar performance when compared with our other ClimeEvent test chambers, however, it is available at a more economical price point. We want to set the standards in performance, future proofing and usability, and our new test chamber allows us to do just that – not only does it exceeds tomorrows standards today, it is extremely eco and user friendly. With optimised air guidance to deliver a best-in-class performance and an innovative user interface to ensure you can program, control and monitor your tests (from any place at any time - even from a tablet or smartphone), the PRO series chamber is the ideal choice. 

Overview of customer benefits:

  • Optimised airflow and temperature distribution
  • Roof insert to prevent condenser water drop on sample.
  • Special floor at the bottom to insure airflow
  • Observation window 450 x 600 mm in door as standard
  • Entry port 50mm/125 mm on both sides.
  • WEBSeason® web-based user interface
Climate Test Chamber

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