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Corrosion Alternating Tests Chamber SaltEvent, Type SC-KWT

High air humidity, salty air, sea water or road salt, many small and large items of day-to-day life are subject to corrosive influences. Corrosion does not only eat away at base metals, but also highly alloyed, tempered materials, plastics and painted surfaces. Therefore, resistance to corrosions is an important mark of quality and safety for many products.

You can use the SaltEvent SC-KWT corrosion change test devices from weisstechnik® to investigate the impact of salt spray, condensation water and normal climate – individually or combined, and automatically. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and high quality workmanship, the test devices have excellent temperature consistency and in this way, they guarantee correct and reliable results.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Optimal spray distribution thanks to precision two-substance nozzles
  • Excellent temperature consistency thanks to dual shell design with internal thermal insulation and heated compressed air humidifier with follow-up control
  • Adjustable flow meter and dosing device for spray solutions
  • Standard-compliant construction of the test room and the test hood: Spray solution drops prevented from falling on the samples
cyclic corrosion testing

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