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Corrosion Chambers with Recirculating Air and Alternating Climate Control Salt Event, Type SC/UKWT

From seawater and salty air to high humidity and gritty salt, there are many reasons that your products may be exposed to corrosive atmospheres during their day-to-day operation. This can impact the base metals, as well as high-alloyed, tempered materials, painted surfaces and plastics. For this reason, corrosion resistance is an important safety feature and quality indicator for many items.

With a Corrosion Chamber that recirculates air and offers alternating climate control with salt exposure, you can simulate the effects of standard climates, salt spray and condensation – offering you the confidence that your products are durable and effective, regardless of their exposure.


  • Optimal spray mist distribution due to a precision two-component nozzle
  • Extremely stable temperatures due to a double-shell construction with internal insulation and heated compressed air humidifier with water level control
  • Adjustable flow meter and doser for solution
  • Test space and hood construction in accordance with all standards: any droplets created by the spray cannot drip on the samples tested
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