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Dust Test Devices for Functional Tests, Type ST

Multiple electronic components are tested in terms of functionality in difficult environmental conditions with the dust test devices from weisstechnik®. In this regard, various standards stipulate the variables, e.g., the respective test duration and the dust material used. Thus, according to the SAE J 575 standard, three to five kilograms of unburned Portland cement is blown into the test room. Portland cement is particularly characterised by its fineness. The funnel under the test room is filled with this dust. The dust develops inside the test room by blowing in compressed air through four special nozzles. As a result of the intensive air movement, the dust is blown into the upper test room and swirls around.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • High performance special compressed air jets for a high degree of consistency when adding dust
  • Easily accessible maintenance elements
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