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EmissionEvent, Type Fape

Derived timber products, construction material based on them and also furniture frequently contain resin glue with a formaldehyde base that under certain environmental conditions may enter into the environment and thus present a danger to health. By way of the so-called Fape test, the subsequent formaldehyde emission from construction materials can be detected and its concentration can be determined.

Such emissions can be investigated in repeatable test conditions with Fape/+60 test cabinets from weisstechnik®. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and high quality workmanship, the test cabinets have excellent temperature consistency and temperature distribution and in this way, they guarantee correct and reliable results.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Constantly heating the test room’s air
  • Continually circulating pre-tempered air in the test room
  • Monitoring the air-tightness of the test chamber using a pressure sensor
  • Expelling air through a five-way distributor with small magnet valves
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