Environmental Simulation

Whether satellites, airplanes or helicopters: these systems are exposed to extreme conditions when in use. But even in cases of strong vibrations, extreme temperature fluctuations or vacuum conditions in outer space, all components must work reliably and safely.


Weisstechnik test chambers make it possible to simulate e fight programmes for testing highly stressed components, reproducible in carefully-controlled environments, and conforming to international norms such as DO160 or MIL-STD-810. This ensures safety and also saves costs

Simultech have supplied, installed and maintained Weisstechnik test chambers which have been used successfully in the fields of research, development, production and quality management for many years.

Our standard series of test chambers easily meet your specific needs with a multitude of options. In addition, Weisstechnik’s  expert teams develop special chambers upon request that are perfectly tuned to your technical requirements.