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µ-Lab is suited for the collection of far-field and near-field electromagnetic data of chips and miniature antenna assemblies in the millimeter waveband. It is the ideal measurement system for testing M2M devices using WiGig technology. The extra-wide door on this compact anechoic chamber enables easy access and mounting of the DUT. µ-Lab is a portable turn-key system that can be moved to any preferred location. MVG’s 959 Spectrum software complements the µ-Lab for complete data acquisition and analysis.

Key Features:


  • Near-field/Spherical
  • Far-field/Spherical

Measurement capabilities

  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Sidelobe levels - user-defined criteria
  • Null depth- search for user-defined null level (e.g, -3, -10, etc.)
  • Time domain response capacity
  • Dynamic density control - real time speed adjustments
  • Beam width - user-defined beamwidth analysis (1 dB, 3 dB, etc.)
  • Pass/fail criteria - user defined specification levels (e.g., minimum gain spec over angular region)
  • Capabilities up to 2 millimeter wave bands (V and W), others upon request

Frequency bands

  • 50-110 GHz
  • 18-50 GHz optional
  • Other bands possible upon request

Max. size of DUT

  • On centred support column: as large as a standard laptop
  • On offset column for chip measurements: 5 cm x 5 cm (chipset)

Dynamic range

  • 60 dB at 50-110 GHz


  • Chip measurements
  • Miniature connectorized antenna measurements
  • Measurements of laptop and other devices

The positioning subsystem consists of a lightweight precision gantry arm assembly mounted on an azimuth positioner. The near-field probe, mounted on the gantry arm, can be rotated to change polarization. The gantry arm assembly rotates in azimuth to cover all the longitudinal cuts on the measurement sphere. The DUT remains fixed on a stationary disk while the probe rotates in elevation and azimuth around the DUT to cover the measurement sphere.

Measurement bands are reconfigurable to allow wide band¬width operation of the system. The system is designed for convenient manual changeover. Measurements can be set up in a single test or batch configuration. Analysis and plotting can also be included in the batch test. Overall, µ-Lab provides a unique, small, portable measurement test capability for a wide variety of antennas.

m2m antenna system

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