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Laboratory Ovens


For an extensive selection of laboratory ovens, there is no greater choice than Simultech. We supply ovens with a reputation for consistent results, delivering outstanding performance and reliability across all applications.

Our range includes everything from general purpose ovens to options suited to glassware drying, dehydrating, fluid warming and even flame proof ovens! With large capacity and high-performance systems available, you can be confident we have the ideal solution for your laboratory.

Our latest laboratory oven from Votschtechnik, the all new Vötschoven Lab meets the needs of the automotive and aerospace industries, the electronics and bio-pharmaceutical industries as well as university research laboratories for a fast, reliable and energy-efficient laboratory oven.

 These Industrial Laboratory Ovens featuring a processing chamber volume between 60 and 200 liters offer you heating and drying ovens for product development, quality testing, thermal ageing and testing of plastics samples as specified in standards – the tailor-made solution for your special process.

They are ideal for applications requiring high precision temperature control in the range between +50 and +300 °C, guaranteeing reproducible, reliable results. They are designed especially for heavy-duty applications in industrial environments, requiring robust constructions.

Offering superb quality and performance with all interior housings constructed of stainless steel which provides a high level of corrosion resistance and a temperature accuracy of +/- 1% of the actual value. These ovens can even achieve the high testing standards required in the plastics industry meeting test standards such as DIN 53508, DIN EN 60216-4-1 or ISO 188.

The Vötschoven Lab oven is network enabled for Industry 4.0 with a PID temperature controller, especially adapted for use, featuring an ethernet interface running the TCP/IP protocol. Network connectivity and process documentation are achieved using our S!MPATI software.

Available in 3 different ranges which include:


This version offers numerous features for typical routine tasks and applications.
  • PID temperature controller diraTRON for precise temperature control
  • Over temperature protection with class 2 temperature limiter
  • Exhaust air flap for adjustment of the air exchange rate
  • Potential-free alarm contact for connection to a central monitoring system
  • Door contact switch for safe shut-down of circulating air and heating upon opening



Acquires additional features ideal for many process and testing tasks
  • Gas-tight welded interior casing for safe dissipation of problematic substances
  • Recirculating air fan speed controller for exact adaptation of the air speed in the processing chamber
  • Access port for introduction of additional cables and sensors


Premium Plus

The Premium Plus adds a very strong exhaust air fan to the oven.

This allows for substantially higher air exchange rates, e.g. for high moisture levels if a lot of condensate is expected or fast cooling is required.


Laboratory Ovens
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