Stability Cabinets &Test Chambers


Test the longevity and performance of your products, materials and substances with our wide range of laboratory test chambers, stability and photostability test cabinets.

Weisstechnik test chambers and stability cabinets have been specially developed to meet the requirements of test laboratories in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The PharmaEvent Stability cabinets are of exceptional build quality, with a working range that easily meets the requirements of the ICH Guideline Q1A. 

The LabEvent series of climate and thermal chambers range in size from small 20 litre bench top chambers to a large 500L capacity with a range from -60 to 180 deg C.



Why choose a Weisstechnik Test Chamber

Weisstechnik develop and manufacture Climate Test Chambers with optimised storage areas for reliable stability testing of pharmaceuticals according to the ICH* Guideline Q1A . Stability tests have to be performed under defined climatic conditions in order to furnish evidence of the stability of active substances and pharmaceuticals. To that end, Weisstechnik have developed a specific range of test cabinets and test chambers together with the pharmaceutical industry. Stability tests are an important step in the course of the development of new drugs and pharmaceutical substances. They are an indispensable element of the process for granting of licenses for the product by the authorities, but they are just as important for safeguarding the quality of the product in the framework of quality assurance. Together with committees from the pharmaceutical industry experts from the authorities granting the required licenses, such as e.g. the FDA, have developed the ICH* Guidelines for the harmonisation of stability tests which define standardised storage, the evaluation of the batches as well as the time sequence of the required analytic tests. 

Weisstechnik test chambers and stability cabinets are designed to meet and exceed these requirements and all cabinets and software can be certified to the ICH requirements.