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MP-180 I-V Tracer

The high precision MP-180 I-V tracer is the ultimate research instrument for Photovoltaic cell development and quality inspection purposes. Its wide input range (µA - A) makes the MP-180 a unique all round measurement device suitable to test all types and sizes Photovoltaic cells. When used in combination with a Pulsed or Continuous Sun Simulator, I-V curve measurements can be fully automated using the built-in trigger function either to synchronise with the flash or control of the sun simulator shutter. The MP-180 is operated by a PC using advanced software functions for visualising data, data management and to calculate specific cell parameters e.g. Rs, Rsh and other characteristic values.

Connecting with optional switching units will allow configure all sorts of measurement system using the multiple PV cell, pyranometer, thermocouple, and platinum resistance temperature sensor.


  • Wide range current input 10µA - 16A / 1mV - 20V
  • Switch function to control sun simulator light shutter
  • Trigger function for Flash simulator
  • Measuring multiple PV cells, solar irradiance, temperature by using optional switching units.
MP-180 I-V Tracer


Specifications MP-180
Measuring range Voltage: 20V, 2V
Current: 20A, 2A, 200mA, 20mA, 2mA, 200μA, 20μA
Reference: 200mA, 20mA, 2mA, 200μA, 20μA
Analog Input: 10V, 1V, 100mV, 10mV
Rated power of PV device 100 W
The number of data points per sweep Max. 20 - 4096 points
Communication speed RS-232 / USB / LAN
Size 450 W x 459 D x 133 H (mm)
Weight 9 kg
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60Hz, max. 200VA


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