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MR-60 Four-Component Radiometer

Four-Component Radiometer MR-60 is an instrument to individually measure the short-wave radiation in the visible to near/mid-infrared area and the long-wave radiation in far-infrared area in upwards and downwards direction. When long/short-wave radiations are measured, albedo, short-wave radiation balance, long-wave radiation balance, amount of radiation balance, estimated sky temperature and estimated land surface temperature can be determined.


  • Measures 4 components of radiation
  • Measures albedo and radiation balance
  • Optional dome temperature compensation thermistor
MR-60 Four-Component Radiometer


Characteristics Details
Number of Channels 4 channels for mV range, 2 channels for 4-wire type Pt-100
Cable Length Standard Lengths: 10m Optional Length: 20m, 30m, 50m
Operation Temperature -40 to +70°C
Dimension 60(W) x 190(D) x 106(H) mm (without the Support Arm)
Weight 2.8kg (10m cable included)

Pyranometer Specification

Characteristics Details
ISO Standard Classification Second Class
Response Time (95%) Approximately 17 seconds
Sensitivity 4 to 10μV/W·m-2
Zero Offset Less than 10W/m2 for 200W/m2 heat radiation
Less than 6W/m2 for 5K/h ambient temperature change
Stability Less than 1.7%/ year
Non-Linearity Less than 1.5% @ 1000W/m2
Temperature Response Less than 2% (-10 to +40°C)
Tilt Response 2%
Impedance 20 to 140Ω
Spectral Range 285~30000nm (when glass transmittance > 50%)

Pyrgeometer Specification

Characteristics Details
Response Time (95%) 18 seconds
Sensitivity 2 to 15μV/W.m-2
Stability 1%/year
Temperature Response 6% (-10 to +40°C)
Tilt Response Maximum of 3% in downward direction
Field of View 180°
Impedance 20 to 140Ω
Spectral Range 0.3 to 50μm
Window Offset Maximum of 25W/m2 @ solar radiation 1000W/m2

Temperature Sensor Specification

Characteristics Details
Temperature Sensor 4-Wire Type, Pt-100(JIS Standard: C-1604-1989 Class A)


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