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MS-720 Spectroradiometer

MS-720 portable spectroradiometer is designed to measure the spectral irradiance in the range from Visible to Near-Infrared. The MS-720 is mainly used for the data acquisition for geological features, vegetation, oceanography, remote sensing and other applications. MS-720 is a handheld sensor with an integrated LCD and an internal memory. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoors stand-alone measurements. A small-sized stable grating spectrometer with photo diode array is integrated. The data can be simply downloaded to a PC by using the MS-720 control software. Several scientific functions are incorporated (e.g calculate the integrated irradiance of a measured spectrum against a reference spectrum).


  • MS-720 is portable (WI00 x Dl60 x H60mm. 720g) and suitable for outdoor measurement. The operation is easy with the integrated LCD and the tact switch.
  • A stable diffuser, grating spectrometer and diode-array are adopted. MS-720 is highly reliable because there are no movable parts which could affect the measurement accuracy. MS-720 software automatically deterrnines the exposure time to perform the best measurement.
  • Automatically displays Irradadiance (W/m2), Luminance (lumen), PAR (µmol/m2/s)
Spectroradiometers, Solar, Handheld, Portable Spectroradiometer


Specifications (Typical) MS-720 (Hardware)
Wavelength range 350 - 1,050nm
Wavelength interval 3.3nm
Wavelength resolution 10nm
Wavelength accuracy Less than 0.3nm
Aperture angle(Full view angle) 180° (Option: 45°, 25°, 10°)
Stray light Less than 0.15%
Temperature dependency ±5%
Unit of the output W/m²/µm
Measurement time 0.005 to 5sec/Automatic controlled time
Maximum number of the data 800 (Approximately 2 minutes for download)
Power supply AA battery x 4 Optional AC adapter DC5V
Size W100 x D165 x H60 (mm)
Weight Approx. 720g (Including batteries and Aperture)
Communication RS-232C/USB
Operating temperature range and humidity Temperature : -10 to +40 Humidity : 0 to 90%RH (no condensation)
Specifications MS-720 (Software)
Program Analysis software : MS720_x64.exe (64bitOS) MS720_x86.exe (32bitOS)
OS Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1
Interface RS-232C/USB
Functions Display the data (List view/Detailed view) Save the data (CSV format) Analyze the data (Data comparison)
Specifications PC
CPU Better than Pentium 200MHZ (recommended)
Memory >=64MB (recommended)
Hard disc >=10GB (recommended)
Screen >=l024 x 768 (recommended)
Others CD-ROM drive, RS232C port, USB port


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