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Create a cleaner, healthier workplace with our new hygienic air-cooling unit, Vindur® Top

We’re excited to announce a brand-new air conditioning unit from Wiess Klimatechnik, the Vindur® Top. Designed to reliably kill mould, viruses and bacteria, this air-cooling unit will be the first line of defence in your office, home or workplace.

hygienic air cooling unit

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly and no end in sight, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your employees from germs – luckily, the Vindur® Top can be used as a supplementary or retrofit solution for existing primary building climate equipment. Schools, public buildings, hospitals and more will benefit from their installation, with mounting interest already shown from these areas.

The Vindur® Top achieves indoor air hygiene in four innovative ways:

1. HEPA Filters

With highly effective two-stage H14 HEPA filters, this system can reliably filter up to 99.9997% of all micro-organisms, bacteria and air-borne viruses present within your indoor area.

2. UV Lamps

Whilst standard air-cooling units capture particles within the air, they remain on the filters before being circulated back into the room. The Vindur® Top uses UV lamps to kill germs, bacteria and viruses that accumulate on the air filter.

3. Silver-Ion Coating

With the inner plates of the cooler coated in silver-ions, mould, viruses, bacteria and germs are killed on contact.

4. Thermal Disinfection

After switching off the Vindur® Top, the heat exchangers and condensation drip tray are heated consecutively for 10 minutes to approximately 70 °C – this is done to dry the biofilm following the cooling process, ensuring micro-organisms and viruses are killed.


Thanks to optimal accessibility, servicing and maintenance work can be performed quickly and efficiently. With online visualisation, all parts and operating systems can be easily monitored at any given moment. Remote monitoring is also an option.

Quality air-conditioning is no longer simply about achieving an optimal interior temperature –now, clean and hygienic air is at the forefront of our designs. With the Vindur® Top, you can be confident you are investing in innovative, reliable technology that will help keep your workplace clean and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Speak with our team today to learn more.