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Simultech's Test Chambers perfect for Environmental Quality Testing for Insulated Glass Units

Quality Testing for Insulated Glass Units

Insulated Glass Units – or more commonly known as double insulated glass windows – are becoming more popular in Australia and New Zealand and are made by several manufacturers in this region.

IGUs have significant advantages offering exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation and have been used extensively in Europe for over 90 years.

The IGUs are constructed of 2 piles of glass separated by a spacer and then sealed. They are commonly filled with either air or due to their improved thermal properties a noble gas such as argon or krypton.

IGUs undergo rigorous quality testing and are typically tested to the following standards, these tests are designed to specifically test the IGUs for ageing and moisture absorption as well as outgassing of the insulating argon or krypton gases.

These tests involve both short term testing for 23 days at -18 deg C and at 53 deg C as well as longer term testing for 7 weeks to ensure the IGUs meet these standards.

Test Reference
Insulating Glass Unit Long Term Test Method for and requirement for moisture penetration   BS EN1279-2:2018
Insulating Glass Unit Long Term Test Method for Gas Leakage Rate and for Gas Concentration Tolerance   BS EN1279-3:2018
Insulating Glass Unit Factory Production control and periodic tests   BS EN1279-6:2018

Other tests performed include:

Dew point test EN1279-6 Annex K
Moisture content (for bulk desciccant)    EN1279-4 Annex E
Moisture content (incorporated desciccant)   EN1279-4 Annex F
Fogging test   EN1279-4 Annex C
Gas chromatography   EN1279-3 Annex A

Simultech Australia Pty Ltd provides an extensive range of Environmental Test Chambers enabling many of these tests to be automatically performed over their required duration.

Details on these chambers can be found at here.

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