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Did you know that Simultech also provide rental chambers?

climatic test chambers

Simultech Australia has an ever-growing rental fleet of climatic test chambers. These are available for short- and long-term rental across Australia.

Renting a chamber from Simultech has several advantages;

  • Short duration projects: Some testing projects may only run for a short period of time from weeks to months and so it doesn’t make sense to purchase a chamber which won’t be used once the project concludes.
  • Flexibility: Renting a chamber provides an excellent opportunity to assess it for your ongoing needs, perhaps after the rental period you’ll decide that you need to purchase a chamber but it may need to be larger or smaller than first intendedor have different performance characteristics such as a broader temperature range or a faster heating/coolingcapacity. Renting a chamber for the initial stages of your testing provides this flexibility.
  • Finances: The rental fee of a chamber is tax deductible, it also doesn’t require a large amount of capital to be found at the start of a project, instead costs can be easily allocated across the duration of the testing project.
  • Ease of operation: If you let the Simultech team know your testing requirements and the type of program that you wish to run, then we can setup this program for you prior to dispatch, making it extremely easy to operate the chamber.
  • On-Site Services: Simultech provide for installation, commissioning and training on site when the chamber is delivered. Our team of factory trained technicians regular visit all states of Australia providing these services to all of our clients.

There are only a couple of things to consider before progressing with a rental. Most chambers require 3 phase power and easy access into your test location. Chambers should be installed in a clean and dry location with good ventilation around them. Simultech can arrange for specialized delivery and our chambers are fitted with a wheel design that makes it easier to position them when they arrive at site.

Our rental fleet consists primarily of the Weiss Technik C-340-40 and C-340-70 Climatic Chambers. These are a 340 liter chamber capable of controlling temperatures from 180 to -40 deg C and 180 to -70 deg C with relative humidity control from 10-98%.  However, if you have a special application and are interested in longer term rentals then we are also happy to supply other chambers on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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