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Omnical Indirect Calorimeter Cart

The most versatile and accurate indirect calorimeter available on the market, the Omnical Indirect Calorimeter Cart is designed with innovative technology that takes advantage of the highest-class precision measurement instruments to ensure it is suited to applications across various research fields.

Designed to measure energy metabolism from resting rate to sports performance testing with high validated accuracy and reliability each and every time. With no restrictions on breathing, subjects remain comfortable whilst researchers are able to monitor live experiments and calculate data sets.

System performance

System accuracy

  • 1% ± 2.0% SD or better for VO2 and VCO2 measurements @ 250mL/min oxygen consumption and 100 L/min flow.
  • Respiratory Quotient (RQ) = VCO2/ VO2 within 0.02 absolute.

High flow up to human physiological maximum, low flow for RMR infants

Ventilation 20-450L/min (higher range is possible on request)
O2 uptake 0-8 L/min
CO2 production 0-8 L/min

High VCO2 and VO2 update rate

Live display of measurement values updated every 5 seconds.

Calorimeter, indirect calorimetry equipment

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