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Omnical Indirect Room Calorimeter

Due to budget and space constraints, many are unable to take advantage of the invaluable tool that is a room calorimeter. To make metabolic research studies more attainable, our Omnical Indirect Room Calorimeter uses innovative technology to create a complete system that can be installed in a matter of hours and is then immediately ready to undertake research.

Despite the impressive set-up time, the accuracy and precision of this system is in no way compromised – indeed, it offers the highest total system accuracy across both VO2 and VCO2 levels that is available on the market, ensuring users can have increased confidence in the results of their research.

This system is flexible in its applications and installation process and can be used for everything from nutritional studies to sports recovery, can even be built to accommodate patients in hospital beds. Thanks to its versatility, each system is customised to meet the needs of the user.

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