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RSB-01 Rotating Shadow Band

For spectral measurement of the three irradiance components (DNI, GHI, DHI) we took a different approach. A spectroradiometer with rotating Shadow Band (RSB) is an attractive alternative to a conventional 3 component sun tracker system. Just one spectroradiometer used for all measurements lowers the costs associated with the instrumentation required. Accurate DNI measurements can be obtained from a MS-711 Global spectroradiometer with RSB comparing with the MS-711 DNI spectroradiometer on a sun-tracker. The comparison between the outputs spectral DNI from the two configurations reveals a consistency in the method and the measuerements of all 3 irradiance components. EKO will provide the RSB solution for all spectroradiometer models.


  • Measure components (DNI/GHI/DHI)
  • Set-up horizontal or POA
  • All weather solution
  • Reliable an robust design, mainenance free
  • GPS receiver for easy set-up
  • Compatible with all EKO spectroradiometers
  • PC or datalogger control
Solar Radiometer


Specifications (Typical) RSB-01
Compatible sensors MS-711
Shading angle
Measurement time Interval 60 s
Operating temperature range -10 - 50 °C
Power supply 100 - 230 VAC
Power consumption 8 - 15 W
Dimensions mm W 300x L 700 x H 590 mm
Weight 11 kg
Communication RS-422 to USB

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