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S!MPATI® 4.7 Software

Tailored for use by the pharmaceuticals industry, this software allows for an improved and streamlined use of pharma equipment and systems. S!MPATI software provides simple and reliable recording and archiving of data.

This Pharma Software records all alarm and warning signals, as well as the information of the person managing the alarm signal, whilst the access rights of each individual user can be set – the data is recorded and stored in such a way as to ensure it is manipulation proof, but can still be processed into programmes such as Excel.

Advantages of S!MPATI Software

  • Individual user administration
  • Manipulation-proof system and manipulation-proof recording of data
  • Audit trail
  • Recording of alarms, doors opening and documentation of opening times
  • Recording of all process parameters such as temperature, humidity as well as light and UV intensity during photostability tests
  • Taking into account the alarm system on the devices, S!MPATI® Pharma fulfils all five steps in the risk-based approach as per GAMP 5
  • S!MPATI® Pharma is a Category 3 software package as per GAMP 5
Stability Testing for Pharmaceutical Products

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