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SG 24

The SG 24 is ideal for the OTA testing of mobile device conformance, particularly for LTE, 5G (<10 GHz) and WiFi protocols. It offers a measurement speed up to 3 times faster and a consi¬derably higher dynamic range in passive antenna measurement mode than the previous version. Available in 3 sizes, with the standard and large models CTIA certifiable.

Key Features:


  • Near-field/Spherical
  • Far-field

Measurement capabilities

  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross polar discrimination
  • Sidelobe levels
  • Front to back ratio (SG 24 - L)
  • 1D, 2D and 3D radiation patterns
  • Radiation pattern in any polarization (linear or circular)
  • Antenna efficiency
  • TRP, TIS, EIRP and EIS

Frequency bands

  • SG 24 - C (Compact): 650 MHz to 6 GHz
  • SG 24 - S (Standard): 400 MHz to 6 GHz
  • SG 24 - L (Large): 400 MHz to 6 GHz

Option to extend the frequency band up to 10 GHz

Max. size of DUT

  • 1.79 m for SG 24 - L

Max. weight of DUT

  • 200 kg

Typical dynamic range

  • Under 6 GHz: 70 dB
  • Above 6 GHz: 50 dB


  • Elevation tilt by goniometer

SG 24 uses analog RF signal generators to emit EM waves from the probe array to the antenna under test (AUT) or vice versa. It uses the NPAC as an RF receiver for antenna mea¬surements. The NPAC also drives the electronic scanning of the probe array. The NPAC includes the fastest and most accurate sources and receivers on the market.

For OTA measurements, the tests are performed through the radio communication tester. The amplification units amplify the signal on transmission/reception channels to achieve optimum dynamic range. The Transfer Switching Unit is used to switch between the emission and reception modes of the AUT.

Adding the NPAC to your configuration is a great way to boost your SG 24 system capabilities. Alternatively, an existing VNA can be used if dedicated to the SG 24 system.
It allows users to perform the following measurements:

  • Passive antenna complex measurements with near-field to far-field transformation
  • Active CW signals measurement with near-field to far-field transformation (active CW module needed)
  • Modulated signal measurements (up to 25 MHz bandwidth) with NF to FF transformation (phase recovery option needed)
  • Pulsed measurements
SG 24 multi probe system

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