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SG Evo

The SG Evo is a multi-probe array test system for the spherical near-field measurement and OTA testing of antennas. It is designed to measure large and heavy antennas such as 5G massive mimo BTS, satellite and ground terminal antennas. SG Evo provides fast and accurate antenna performance test results in record time.

Innovation in the SG Evo boosts the speed and accuracy of original MVG SG systems: The SG Evo incorporates oversampling positioning within the arch, eliminating the need to tilt the device under test (DUT) when oversampling and consequently avoiding gravitational deflections of the DUT and azimuth positioner, even when testing heavy DUTs. Additionally, the SG Evo can be configured with multiple parallel receivers, dramatically reducing measurement time, especially when testing a large number of frequencies or devices with many potential antenna beam states. The modular design scheme of the SG Evo also allows for flexibility in its build: the size of the probe array arch and the positioner model can be decided in accordance with the typical size and weight of the DUT; and the sets of probes can be selected according to the frequencies to be measured – from 400 MHz to 30 GHz*. With these key features in addition to legacy MVG test technology, SG Evo performs highly accurate tests and measurements at rates 10 to 100 times faster than traditional methods.

Key Features:

Rotating arch mechanism

  • Highly accurate measurements by minimizing movements of the DUT
  • Unlimited oversampling

Frequency range

  • 400 MHz – 30 GHz and more*Customizable with a selection of seven types of precision probes covering the 400 MHz - 30 GHz range

Multi-probe array combined with multiple signal receivers

  • With this option, take the full benefit of your multi-probe array configuration; reach extremely fast measurement speeds from 10 to 100 times faster than in a Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR)

Optimized real estate

  • Multi-probe near-field measurement technology requires a smaller footprint than far-field ranges or CATR

Extensive measurement capabilities

  • OTA testing or antenna measurement
  • Principle cuts, 2D and 3D patterns
  • Functional testing
  • Antenna parameters: radiation pattern (omni, toroid, narrow beam, multi-beam),beam peak, beam width, front to back ratio, cross polar discrimination,side lobe levels, gain, directivity, efficiency, TRP, TIS, EIRP and EIS
SG Evo multi probe system

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