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Specialty Test Systems for the Automotive Industry

Dynamometer Test Chamber

A dynamometer test bed with a temperature or climate chamber is used for entire vehicles where the individual tests (power, exhaust measurements, fuel consumption) are conducted under pre-defined ambient conditions by transferring the driving or braking torque of the wheels onto a roller. The temperature or climate required for each test can be set using the control system for the environmental simulation.


Climate test chamber with 4-stamp system and solar simulation

For carrying out tests with combined loads caused by road unevenness and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and sunlight. (Squeak and rattle tests).


Rain Chamber / Leak Testing System

Weisstechnik® rain chambers are used in the development process, for quality assurance, and in end-of-line operations. They check for leaks on complete vehicles under repeatable conditions, varying from drizzle to heavy rain. The leak testing can be performed with vehicles at different tilt angles and with different types of rain. Leak testing systems are often used in manufacturing as 100 % tests and are similar to classic car washes. After passing through it, the vehicle is checked for leaks with a visual inspection and with the help of sensors and other test equipment.


Climate test chamber with multi-axis shaker table (MAST)

For temperature controlling and cooling specimens on a shaker table that provides translational and rotational movement about the three spatial axes. The walls are elastic and insulating to compensate for the table motion and the associated change in volume of the chamber, and to decouple the vibration of the components for the temperature control device for the chamber volume.


Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED)

SHED test chambers are used to measure the hydrocarbon emissions of cars, motor bikes and car components.

The legislators (EU, EPA, CARB, NSCN) stipulate the permissible emission limits and the verification procedure. The vehicle manufacturer must prove that the legal limits are complied with for the vehicle to be approved. Low background emissions are an important requirement for conclusive test results. In accordance with the EPA/CARB/EN standards, the limit may not exceed a value of 0.05 g. For our drive-in standard SHED, we guarantee background emissions of better than 0.007 g, measured after 4 hours in accordance with EPA sec. 86.117/96a.

The verification is undertaken in the SHED test chamber, equipped with the necessary analytic technology and test rig software for implementing tests and documenting results.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

* Low background emissions clearly below the statutory specifications
* Delivery of completely assembled systems
* Very short assembly and commissioning times on site
* Variable size of test chamber, tailored to the sample (drive-in, walk-in, mini-SHED, micro-SHED, running loss SHED, drive-in for cars (driving conditions on dynamometer)


Test Rigs for Vehicle Air Conditioning

In order to optimally reproduce the vehicle architecture, we offer integrated or modular conditioning units on the basis of conventional or alternative refrigerants. They are suitable to conduct system performance tests, endurance operation tests, calorimetric tests and functional tests. The test rigs are characterised by a high degree of availability and are optimally complemented by our perfected software and the functional HMI.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

* Optimal reproduction of the vehicle architecture
* Integrated or modular conditioning units
* Test cooling circuits for R744, R134a, 1234yf and
* Alternative refrigerants
* Performance tests and endurance operation tests
* Calorimetric tests and functional tests


Airbag test system

Our temperature chamber for pre-regulating the temperature of airbag modules combines a temperature setting chamber with an automatic travelling system for airbag modules on a rail system with a drive unit. It has an automatic, quick-opening and closing lifting door and an electrical control cabinet. The airbag is fired and filmed with high speed cameras from in front of the chamber. This permits free positioning of the camera and filming from all angles.


Test Rigs for Engine Cooling Systems

Weisstechnik® test rigs for Engine Cooling Systems allow the high precision and fully reproducible simulation of the complete air and fluid area with the integration of all relevant supply modules for charge air, engine oil, gear box oil and coolants. The test rigs are suitable for calorimetric and functional tests as well as thermal strength tests and endurance tests.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

* A closed, or optionally an open, air circuit with the addition of external air for low energy consumption feeds the cooler on the air side with up to 40,000 m³/h at +20 °C to +90 °C.

* Tests with a high degree of repeatability to determine the cooling capacity and calorimetric tests are achieved thanks to the precise control circuits for mass air flow and temperature. 

* Uniform flow profile of the air in the whole flow through area allows even testing of coolers with large surface areas 

* The compact overall design integrates the supply modules for charge air, motor oil, gear box oil and coolants.

* A water cooled, electric drive for cooling fans is also included to test complete cooling modules. The heating capacity of the coolant circuit goes up to 250 kW in order to simulate real operating conditions on high performance coolers.


Headlight Test Rig

Our headlight test rig of the weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik® brands will combines a climate and temperature test. During the test a wind blowing unit, a rain unit and a negative pressure unit can be activated. Furthermore, the system can be expanded with a sun simulation unit making it a complete package that examines all test requirements.

Our Environmental Simulation Chambers and Systems are available under the brand names weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik®.

Test Benches for Engines

Our range of services include module container solutions and test benches in conventional designs for research, development, manufacturing and end-of-line tests, including media supply, control technology, automation technology and measurement technology. The spectrum ranges from independent individual test rigs up to complete test fields (gear box test rigs, drive train test rigs, swivel test rigs, exhaust turbo charger test rigs, injector test rigs). In doing so, we take the extreme environmental requirements, the integration of safety devices and the realisation of a high level of automation into account in order to achieve efficient and reproducible test results. We optimise systems using flexible solutions tailored to the customer’s individual requirements.

* High level of flexibility in the testing capacity thanks to mobile container solutions
* High level of measurement accuracy
* High level of reproducibility of the test results
* Shortened test times


Fuel Conditioning

Weisstechnik's fuel conditioning systems are used for conducting refuelling tests on vehicles, tank systems or ORVR refuelling in compliance with legal regulations. Optional features include different pump nozzles, active and passive gas vapour recovery, pre-pay function, etc.. A new development from our company are AdBlue®-appropriate facilities.




Specialty Test Systems for the Automotive Industry