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Sport Science Rooms

Weiss Sports Science Rooms (SSRs) are designed to simulate some of the more inhospitable conditions found around the globe, allowing sports science personnel to assess the performance of athletes in a variety of temperature and humidity controlled environments with or without altitude simulation (Hypoxia). The room provides the test subjects with the opportunity to experience or acclimatise to extreme environmental conditions and provide the ability to carry out fundamental research on human performance response to those conditions.

Our SSRs are also used to test performance clothing, sports equipment and assess human ability to carry out occupational tasks in extremes of temperature or altitude, in a controlled environment.

Photograph MMU2762.JPG courtesy of Manchester Metropolitan University


  • Choice of temperature ranges from -40°C to +50°C
  • Variable humidity range (typically) from 10%RH to 98%RH
  • Contour programming and logging software
  • Adjustable flow rates from 500 litre per minute upwards
  • Vapour-sealed joints
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Safety tested with CE certification


Hypoxic conditions are achieved by the introduction of Oxygen depleted air which has been generated by passing compressed air through a patented molecular sieve system, then mixing it to provide controllable Oxygen levels from 11% to 20.9% ±0.1% (sea level to 5000m).

User Benefits

  • Used by leading universities in the UK and around the globe and Olympic training organisations
  • Precision of test results
  • Designed for easy assembly on-site
  • Calibration in accordance with UKAS standards


  • Observation window/s
  • Cable ports
  • Sample hatches
  • Power sockets
  • Personnel air locks
  • Specialised lighting
  • Internal finish
  • Laminar or turbulent airflow
  • Air fans for wind simulation
  • Additional data logging facilities
  • Control stations
  • Hypoxic facility
  • Low humidity level
Sport Science Rooms


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