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StarLab 50

StarLab 50 GHz is made to meet the millimeter wave, high frequency testing challenge.

Future-proofed, the MVG StarLab 50 GHz technology leaps forward to offer a wide range of frequency measurements, from 650 MHz to 50 GHz. The spherical near-field measurement capabilities of Star Lab 50 GHz provide flexibility in types of antennas to be tested, from low to high directivity, and its patented multi-probe electronic scanning technology and oversampling capabilities limit mechanical movement. Advancements in technology enabling more broadband, high capacity, high data rate transmissions have led to the increased necessity for accurate and precise OTA measurements in R&D labs and on production lines. Inconjunction with WaveStudio-OTA dedicated software, an anechoic chamber and requisite instrumentation, StarLab 50 GHz is compliant with the standards specified for CTIA certificationof wireless devices. Built for efficiency, the StarLab 50 GHz is an all-in-one, turn key solution and its compact and portable designfacilitates flexibility in test lab or production site location and space. Altogether, this advanced technology brings crucial speed and accuracy to the test and validation process of your future 5G device.

A near-field multi-probe turn-key antenna measurement system for both passive antenna measurements and/or OTA testing, the StarLab 50 GHz integrates cutting-edge technology for the measurement and analysis of mm-wave frequencies. It provides fast and accurate test results for a variety of 5G devices, and its compact and portable design facilitates flexibility in test lab or production site location and space.

Key Features:


  • Near-field/Spherical

Measurement capabilities

  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross polar discrimination
  • Sidelobe levels
  • 3D radiation pattern
  • Radiation pattern in any polarization (linear or circular)
  • Antenna efficiency
  • TRP, TIS, EIRP and EIS

Frequency bands

  • 650 MHz to 50 GHz

Max. size of DUT

  • 45 cm

Max. weight of DUT (centered load)

  • 10 kg with styrofoam mast
  • 50 kg with metallic mast

Typical dynamic range

  • 50dB


  • Arch rotation*

The StarLab 50 GHz is an all-in-one, turn key test system solution which comprises the probe array unit as well as the necessary controllers, RF units, and software. The SL control unit drives the two positioning motors of the device and the electronic scanning of the probe array. The subsystem power and control unit supplies the power and drives the RF units. The amplification units convert low power to high power radio frequency signals via the transmission and reception channels.

For near-field passive measurements, a Vector Network Analyzer is to be used as the RF source/ receiver. For Over-the-Air (OTA) measurements, a Radio Communications Tester, primed for current OTA test standards, is necessary as an additional unit.

Starlan 50 multi probe system

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