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Temperature control trailer

Weiss temperature control trailer

5.1 Mobile Temperature Control Solution for Ammunition and Explosives

The Weiss temperature control trailer is the ideal solution for mobile pre-temperature control of ammunition and explosives, e.g. measuring of ballistic properties at different material temperatures.

The trailer meets all requirements necessary for transport: explosion-proof work space and interior made of stainless steel. Specimens can easily be saved and cooling to -65°C is possible. A separate engineering room is provided. Specimen mass is permitted up to 4200 kg.

Weiss Technik also offers customised temperature control trailers in accordance to individual user specifications.


  • Explosion-proof work space
  • Road traffic approval
  • Integrated modern vehicle technology
  • Digital Simpac measuring and control system
  • Remote monitoring option
  • Cooling to -65°C possible
  • Interior in stainless steel design
  • Mounting system for specimens
  • Separate engineering room
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Specimen mass up to 4200 kg
Mobile Air Conditioning Units, Mobile Air Conditioning Systems

Technical Specifications

Weiss Temperieranhänger  
Test space dimensions Height - mm
Width AC - mm
Depth - mm
Temperature range °C -65 ... +72
Temperature changing rate cooling k/h 20
Temp.-Änderungsgeschw. Kühlen mit 1000 kg Last k/h 2,5
Temperature changing rate heating k/h 20

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