Tent Air Conditioning

Mobile tent air conditioning systems from Weiss

Do you need a completely reliable, robust and mobile air conditioning unit? A unit that is suitable for use not only in the desert but also in jungle and arctic conditions? The Weiss mobile tent air conditioning system offers just this. The unit is suitable for a wide range of uses however its main purpose is in functional tents and for the accommodation of people.


It can easily create room conditions that are sensitive to human temperatures.

Weiss mobile tent air conditioning systems are easy to move and transport. They are also the most flexible connection options for air circulation or outside air supply

The systems have been developed in accordance with international military standards. Nearly all systems are listed with a NATO stock number (NSN).

Main uses worldwide

Proven and recognised worldwide, the following are the main uses:

  • in the military sector
  • in mobile hospitals
  • command posts and camps
  • in disaster management
  • by aid organisations

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