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Test Cabinets for Temperature Shock Tests, ShockEvent


Environmental conditions have a great influence on the functionality and reliability of the electronic components, devices and systems. A normal temperature test is often not sufficient to detect latent weak points as quickly as possible. Samples must be subjected to multiple, shock-like changes in temperature.

Extremely fast changes in temperature in the range from -80 °C bis +220 °C can be achieved with the ShockEvent temperature shock test cabinet from weisstechnik®. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and high quality workmanship, the test chambers have excellent temperature consistency and in this way, they guarantee correct and reliable results.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Integrated volume compensation system for continuous operation
  • High air circulation rate and optimal air flow in the test room
  • Fast repositioning time of the load basket
  • Extensive overlapping temperature ranges in the cold and hot chamber
  • Adjustable pre-tempering in both temperature zones

The video below highlights the many advantages of our TS Shock Chambers, this range has been recently updated to our new ShockEvent Test Chambers.

temperature shock chamber

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