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vötschtechnik ATEX-conform Explosion-Proof Drying Oven, VFT

Small explosion-proof heating and drying ovens for use in manufacturing and laboratories.

The VFT 60/90 is an explosion-proof heating and drying oven. The device is electrically heated and designed according to the fresh air principle. Due to its small external dimensions, it is also suitable for use in laboratories as well as in manufacturing and can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, varnish and basic materials industries.

The oven is suitable for solvents in the T1, T2, T3 and T4 temperature classes and in the IIA and IIB explosion groups. The useful space is category 2G/zone 1 conform and allows insertion of solvents almost without limitation.

The device conforms externally to the category 3G and is suitable to be set up in zone 2.

Reliable processes are achieved by:

  • Precise temperature constancy throughout the whole treatment space
  • Permanent monitoring of exhaust air flow
  • Switch cabinet enclosed with pressurised air
  • Automatic emergency purging
  • Examination by TÜV
Accelerated Aging Test

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