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Starting from antenna prototyping to fully operational device measurements, WaveStudio Automated Software Suite effectively and efficiently supports the complete design process of wireless devices through its antenna and OTA measurements capabilities.

In the typical design process of a wireless device, antenna and OTA measurements are necessary to ensure that the antenna is working as designed when integrated into the end product. During the design process, there are many prototype iterations and builds which require passive antenna measurements at the start of the project, and active, OTA measurements once the device is capable.

With WaveStudio automated measurement software suite and an MVG system, all antenna measurements and full device testing can be performed quickly and effectively in-house, ensuring that all design iterations meet project milestones.

To minimize gain errors, the environment in which the antenna is tested must be “quiet” (free of noise and unwanted reflections), to obtain an accurate radiation pattern. The standard method used to determine the absolute gain, is gain by substitution, where an antenna with known gain is measured, and the antenna under test is compared. The standard unit for passive antenna measurements is dBi, or decibels relative to an isotropic radiator. In order to obtain this unit, the reference antenna’s gain must be known in the same unit, dBi.


  • Passive radiation pattern measurements: efficiency and gain
  • Active measurements, OTA or conducted, uplink or downlink: TRP, TIS (including A-GPS)
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