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Vibration Testing Cabinets ShakeEvent

In particular, components from the automotive and aerospace industries are subject to intense vibrational forces during operation, whereby these can experience rapid temperature changes in different climates.

The ShakeEvent series from weisstechnik® enable you to simulate such dynamic processes as well as the associated combined mechanical and thermal/climatic stresses that act on components and devices. You can therefore investigate the stress limits in order to ensure safe driving or flying operations.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Disruption-free operation even under extreme installation conditions with ambient temperatures up to +35 °C
  • Integration of the test programs for the vibration and temperature/climate profiles via digital switching inputs and outputs
  • On-site adjustment possible at the final shaker height.
  • Possible to make subsequent adjustments in accordance with other vibrator systems thanks to the lack of interfering feet or supports near the vibrator.
Stress Test Chamber

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