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HScan is a fast and ultra-accurate horizontal near-field planar scanner particularly suited for the antenna measurement of space-borne antennas, large reflectors and certain vehicle mountedantennas. HScan also enables the testing and calibration of multi beams of phased array antennas. Hscan integrates the latest motor drive and encoder technologies. Excellent manufacturing precision combined with direct readout high resolution linear encoders and alignment capabilities ensuresunrivalled mechanical positioning accuracy and planarity.

Key Features:


  • Near-field/Planar
  • Optional: - Near-field/Spherical - Near-field/Cylindrical

Measurement capabilities

  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross-polar discrimination
  • Sidelobe levels
  • 3D radiation (limited coverage)
  • Radiation pattern in
  • Antenna efficiencyany polarization - (linear)
  • Beam pointing properties
  • Multi beam antenna measurement and calibration

Frequency bands

  • 100 MHz to 110 GHz

Max weight of DUT

  • DUT is stationary, the maximum weight of the DUT islimited by the foundation, antenna mount (including any DUT alignment features), and building infrastructure.

Typical dynamic range

  • 80 dB, depending on the frequency and antenna gain

Available movements:

  • X – travel: up to 30 m
  • Z – travel: up to 3 m
  • Y – travel: up to 25 m
  • Polarization: 360°Polarization

High precision linear motors (Optional)

  • High speed
  • High power
  • No backlash


  • Space-borne antenna measurements
  • Payload testing
  • Phased array antenna testing
  • High gain antenna testing
  • Array illumination assessment
  • Array element failure analysis

HScan is available in 3 standard configurations: Floor mount, column mount, or ceiling mount. The structure may be mounted to existing steel beams or concrete pillars within an existing building.

phased array antenna scanner

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