Solar Radiation Instruments

Simultech offers a large selection of solar instruments manufactured by EKO Instruments. With more than 85 years experience, EKO’s in-house development and production facilities are second to none. With a wide variety of products available in varying sizes (including solar sensors, solar trackers and solar simulators), you can rest assured that your every need will be met.


Simultech provides a wide range of systems and devices that are used in environmental measurement and analysis. Our portfolio is quite extensive; solar radiation and photonic sensors, photovoltaic evaluation systems, global irradiance sensors, diffuse irradiance sensors, and meteorological sensors and devices.

EKO’s products are known for being innovative and reliable with designs based on cutting edge technology, so you can rest assured that they will be more than up to task. With more than 85 years industry experience, they supply countries all over the world with their state-of-the-art instruments.

Who uses solar instruments?

A number of industries around the world currently utilise solar sensors, including: solar energy solutions, instrumental meteorology, atmospheric environment and plant science, material characterisation and analysis.

We can provide specific measurement solutions for the solar energy market, covering solar cell evaluation, research and development. We enable researchers around the country to better understand climate change and its global impact on life by providing them with meteorological measurement solutions.

Equipment used in material characterisation and analysis is mainly used to quantify the physical or chemical properties of different materials. Depending on the application, the equipment could be used in product research, development and even quality control.


This is a type of actinometer that is used to measure solar irradiance (the amount of radiant energy, or electromagnetic energy from the sun) on a flat surface.


Also known as a DNI sensor, these devices are used to measure the direct irradiance emitted by the sun on a 5 degree angle.


These devices are designed to measure the spectral power distribution of a source. From this radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities of light can be determined.

UV Radiometer

These devices are used to measure how much UV is being absorbed by the ozone layer and how much is passing through.


Also known as four-component radiometers, they are used to perform meteorological observations of atmospheric radiations (from clouds, water vapour, CO2 and so on), as well as the net radiation exchange between the earth and the atmosphere.

Sunshine Duration Sensors

Sunshine duration is defined as the time interval when direct solar radiation exceeds 120W/m2. There are many ways to measure sunshine duration using either direct or global radiation data.

Sky Scanners

These devices are designed to measure the luminance and radiance of 145 different points in the sky hemisphere.

Sun Trackers

Our range of compact and double arm solar trackers are able to accommodate all kinds of radiometers. They are compact, robust, relatively lightweight and very power efficient.

Solar Monitoring Stations

If you need to collect high quality solar irradiance data onsite, this innovative turnkey system is for you. It provides all fundamental solar radiation and meteorological parameters for PV site evaluation, performance monitoring and cell optimising.

Photovoltaic Evaluation Systems

We provide highly accurate and reliable solar radiation measurement equipment for both indoor and outdoor use. Our range includes PV evaluation systems, I-V curve tracers and solar simulators.

Heat Flux Sensors & Thermal Conductivity Testers

These are used in a variety of industrial research applications and manufacturing control processes. We have a variety of devices available, ensuring a practical solution to suit every need, application and measurement.

Areas We Service

Simultech provides solar and environmental measurement and analysis equipment to its customers across Australia and New Zealand with dedicated support that is second to none. Whether you are in Adelaide or Auckland you can be assured that Simultech are there to assist.