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Sport and Nutritional Science

From Metabolic Research to the preparation of Olympic athletes, Simultech can offer the right solution from the World’s leading suppliers.

Simultech is the Australian distributor for Maastricht Instruments, a commercial entity of Maastricht University in the Netherlands that develops a wide range of technology covering the areas of metabolic research and human movement.

Indirect Calorimetry

Indirect calorimetry remains the gold standard in measuring energy expenditure and substrate oxidation in a wide range of clinical and research settings. The methods most commonly used have a severely limited time frame: both hood and mask measurements only last 20 minutes typical. This gives limited insight into the dynamics of physiological responses in the human body. Longer measurements are crucial to gain a better insight in human metabolism. The most practical way of achieving this is in a room calorimeter. Test subjects can move around, spend multiple days in a fully controlled environment, all while measuring energy expenditure and the associated parameters.

Indirect calorimetry equipment is an invaluable, powerful tool in metabolic research studies, allowing research in many fields, from fundamental research, nutrition assessment up to sport sciences. Researchers need reliable, validated results and a system that allows them to easily conduct various studies. Maastricht instruments supply the world’s most accurate and reliable indirect calorimetry equipment. 

Human Movement

The amount and pattern of daily physical activity of a person is becoming of increasing interest to healthcare researchers and professionals worldwide. The wearable sensors of Maastricht Instruments can measure a persons’ physical activity and posture with clinical grade accuracy.