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Physical Activity Monitoring - MOX Accelerometry

The amount and type of physical activity that people undertake is becoming increasingly important to healthcare professionals and researchers worldwide. With Maastricht Instruments wearable physical activity monitoring sensors, these activities can be measured with clinical grade accuracy.

These monitoring sensors are compact and waterproof, ensuring 24/7 measurements for a range of research purposes. From clinical research to e-health applications, this technology is ideal for monitoring rehabilitation and activity after surgery, and features fall risk detection software – an excellent addition to supporting patients to an active recovery.

Measuring physical activity has become an increasingly important objective for both researchers and health care professionals. The MOX is a medical grade, wearable accelerometer that has been validated for the measurement of various physical activity parameters. It can measure physical activity intensity and accurately distinguish sedentary behavior (lying, sitting), standing and dynamic physical activity. Potential applications include:

  • Measuring subjects’ physical activity in research studies
  • Monitoring physical activity in a rehabilitation or physical therapy setting
  • Monitoring physical activity after surgery
  • Gait analysis
  • Fall risk detection
  • Fall detection

The dedicated body attachment patch allows for fast and secure body attachment. Raw accelerometer data and physical activity output parameters can be analysed in detail with the physical activity data analysis software, which allows for easy data visualization and analysis.


Activity logger

The MOX1 is a validated accelerometer-based activity logger that seamlessly measures and records high resolution raw acceleration data up to 7 days. By using the IDEEQ software featuring our proprietary algorithms, objective measurements of human physical activity can be classified and quantified. Further analysis is also possible with multiple compatible programs.


Bluetooth LE activity monitor

The MOX2 is a Bluetooth Low Energy accelerometer-based activity monitor embedded with our proprietary algorithms. With the low power consumption, the device seamlessly measures and transfers high resolution raw acceleration data and multiple activity parameters every second for 7 days, and up to 60 days (available soon).


Activity monitor + ECG logger

The MOX3 is a validated activity monitor embedded with our proprietary algorithms featuring an ECG logger. It seamlessly measures and records high resolution raw acceleration data, multiple activity parameters and ECG signals up to 7 days. Data can be exported for further analyses in multiple compatible programs. It presents as a valuable tool to gain insights into the cardiovascular system and physical activity.

Physical Activity Monitor, Respiration Chambers

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