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Space & Aerospace Applications


Taking off successfully and landing safely are the most important obligations for the aerospace industry. You can use weisstechnik® environmental simulation systems to simulate all the important parameters in advance.

Whether satellites, aeroplanes or helicopters: modern aircraft are exposed to extreme stress during use. When it comes to the development, quality assurance and production of proven and new technologies, with Simultech and Weisstechnik, you’re playing it safe

The key developments are still the same:

Simultech’s principal supplier, Weisstechnik is one of the most innovative and highly regarded developers and producers of systems for environmental simulation, heating, and climate  control technology. Weisstechnik have developed solutions specially designed for  aerospace technology that meet the most stringent requirements. Their solutions are used by renowned aerospace companies around the world.


Test it. Environmental Simulation.

As one of the pioneers in the area of testing technology and environmental simulation, Weisstechnik provide testing solutions tailored to the aviation industry that simulate extreme altitudes, radical temperature fluctuations and intense pressure loads.

These speciality solutions can be combined with a standard selection of weathering and corrosion tests, simulated under all climate conditions around the world and in the atmosphere.