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INSIGHT is the first software able to compute authentic electromagnetic current distributions and extreme near fields on your antenna under test from measured near-field or far-field data. Multi frequency formulation based on interpolation techniques and upgrade of fast method have been integrated for fast computations. A newly link between measurements and simulations is available by INSIGHT. This allows, starting from the antenna measurement, to create an equivalent model in the form of a near-field Huygens' box. The equivalent model can be used as a measured source, even with antenna gain normalization included, in numerical simula-tions of the most complex scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Multi frequency formulation based on interpolation techniques for fast computations
  • 3D animation of the radiated field from the equivalent currents
  • 3D equivalent electric and magnetic current distribution reconstruction
  • Innovative algorithm approach
  • Currents to near-field transformation
  • Definition and discretization of 3D surface
  • Cutting-edge 3D viewer
  • Powerful filtering capabilities

In the antenna design or EMC testing process, the measured radiation pattern or shielding performance does not always correspond to what is expected. Identifying the source of the discrepancies can be a time-consuming process. With INSIGHT, you can reconstruct the equivalent currents and extreme near-field on the antenna: it allows for quick and clear identification of the cause of problems observed during measurement. Further post-processing tools are available for in-depth investigation. Clearly understanding radiation characteristics eases development and shortens time to market.

Insight Software

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