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NEW Cost-Saving Package Measures DNI, DHI, and GHI


EKO Instruments have launched the MS-90 Plus+, a new total solar irradiance measurement solution combining the companies industry-leading MS-80 Class A Pyranometer, an original C-Box smart interface, and the unique internal rotating mirror design of the MS-90 DNI Sensor.

Solar PV generation increased 31% in 2018, ahead of wind and hydropower, and with annual average growth of 16% still on track between 2018 and 2030[i] there has been growing demand for accurate, cost-saving, alternatives to larger solar monitoring stations.

The MS-90 Plus+ was developed as a practical solution to the increasing diversity of solar power plant locations and Photovoltaic (PV) applications. Taking up much less space, the MS-90 Plus+ can easily be deployed on rooftops or other inaccessible areas.

Dr Mário Pó, lead scientist at EKO Instruments, described the MS-90 Plus+ as “a truly viable alternative to a full solar monitoring station” thanks to the unique internal rotating mirror design of the MS-90 DNI Sensor at the heart of the new system. The distinct shape of the mirror reflects sunlight to a high-speed pyroelectric detector, measuring direct radiation without the whole unit tracking the sun as a much larger solar monitoring station would.

“This approach is not only cost-effective, but without external moving parts, it also means that the MS-90 Plus+ is an incredibly robust solution for difficult to reach installations where regular maintenance may be difficult or impossible” explained Dr Pó.

The MS-90 Plus+ also includes an integrated GPS receiver, enabling the C-Box to calculate diffuse irradiance based on the DNI data from the MS-90 and the GHI data from the MS-80; plus, a MODBUS 485 RTU output for easy connection to any digital data acquisition system.

As solar power continues to grow, the need for alternative monitoring solutions is coming up against the over-riding requirement for accuracy, which is why EKO have developed the MS-90 Plus+. It’s a new angle on accuracy, combining the build quality and accuracy of different EKO sensors into one, compact, and efficient solution.

Download the MS-90 Plus+ Datasheet


Check out a short presentation from the EKO sales and marketing team below and/or contact Simultech for more information.