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Why you should consider a maintenance contract for your Test Chamber?

Test Chamber

Many of our customers have already signed up to a maintenance contract with Simultech Australia for their Test Chambers, if you are one of those customers then we congratulate and thank you. If you are yet to do so then we thought we’d suggest a few reasons why it might be a great idea to consider it.

Our test chambers are sophisticated scientific instruments designed to provide optimal performance for your testing requirements. However, sometimes they might be viewed as either an expensive refrigerator or oven. This is definitely not the case and as such they should receive annual maintenance and be maintained by expert factory trained technicians so as to ensure their high level of performance continues.

While your chamber may be performing perfectly, Simultech’s highly trained technicians are able to run advanced diagnostics on your chamber and often discover potential maintenance issues or break down risks well before they are likely to occur and then provide preventative maintenance to minimize the risk of a breakdown. While Simultech only ever provide the highest quality chambers, even the best piece of equipment will fail without appropriate service. There is nothing worse than having a chamber fail half way through a longer duration test. Our technical team will help ensure this is unlikely to happen.

Our maintenance visits are performed to factory standards, a maintenance checklist is always used so as to ensure that all service tasks are conducted, and nothing is ever missed. Our technicians only ever use genuine spare parts and if new firmware or software updates are available then these will also be installed.

Forming a maintenance contract with Simultech provides peace of mind and eliminates the need to remember to book a service. Dates for service will be agreed upon when signing the contract, then a few weeks before this date we will contact you to confirm the best timing, so as to fit in with your testing schedule.

A maintenance contract also enables Simultech to better plan for the visit, ensuring that all necessary parts and software are available, furthermore it enables us to more easily schedule visits, ensuring that maintenance occurs on time and there are no delays due to our staff unavailability. Contact Simultech today to discuss your service needs and have our team provide you with a maintenance contract proposal.