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STR-21G-S0 Solar Monitoring Systems

EKO’s new solar Monitoring System, the STR-21G-S0, is a turnkey sensor system to perform the most accurate solar radiation measurements of the direct solar radiation component. It can be easily integrated to any DAQ system, which has multiple analog or digital inputs. With the standard sun-position sensor and GPS receiver built inside the sun tracker, the system set-up will be quick and easy.

The system is based on the STR-21G Sun tracker and in combination with the MS-57 First class pyrheliometer. The STR-21G-S0 system can be freely configured to measure the required Solar radiation components in the most accurate way. The MS-57 pyrheliometer has a heated front window to avoid condensation and ice which can affect the measurements.

Unique to the system, EKO’s radiometers have the ability to sample much faster than traditional solar sensors. Faster sample rates allow the sensor to ‘catch’ more accurately the peak irradiance value under variable atmospheric conditions and lower the measurement uncertainty of one minute averaged values.


  • Turnkey Solar Monitoring Station
  • DNI measurements
  • ISO 9060 Secondary standard sensor
  • Low power consumption
  • ISO 17025 calibration
Diffuse Irradiance Sensor


Specifications (Typical) STR-21G-S0
Sun Tracker STR-21G-SET
Pyrheliometer MS-57-SET-10-P-MR


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