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votschtechnik Clean Room Hot Air Sterilisers (ISO 5), VHSF

Clean Room Hot Air Sterilisers (ISO 5)

If you want to quickly, safely and cost-effectively sterilise something, then the process of dry heat serialisation is an interesting alternative to the other existing procedures. Only hot air is used in this procedure. The sterilisation at high temperatures makes the use of chemicals from other procedures redundant.

Thanks to the integrated HEPA circulating air filter, the requirements of the ISO 5 clean room class are met in the sterilisation chambers of the VHSF series. The filter is an absolute filter (HEPA) and is positioned directly in front of the air intake in the sterilisation chamber. The laminar flow technology ensures a laminar streaming condition with particularly homogeneous temperature distribution. Items to be sterilised made of glass, such as vials, injection bottles and infusion bottles, or made of other thermally stable materials can be sterilised at temperatures of up to 350 °C. The high temperature is particularly useful for a quick and safe depyrogenation.

  • In regard to the treatment space and the set-up space, the VHSF series complies with the requirements of the ISO 5 clean room class in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • HEPA circulation and fresh air filter
  • GMP conform seamless treatment space
  • Safe sterilisation at temperatures of up to 250 °C and 350 °C – throughout the full sterilisation cycle including heating and cooling
  • Floor model for loading trolley.
Air Steriliser, Stability Testing for Pharmaceuticals

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